Create More Energy, Productivity, Mental Acuity to Show Up as Your Healthiest Most Vibrant Self

Who It’s For
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business owners
  • CEO’s
  • Executives
  • Leaders
  • High Performers
  • Teams

Developing High Performance Health Habits Will Help You To Perform At Your Full Potential, Contribute Your Best And Leave A Lasting Legacy.

In The Program, You’ll Learn The Same Strategies Other Super Achievers Use To…

  • Calm And Focus Their Minds
  • Get Quality Sleep
  • Generate Optimal Energy
  • Increase Focus And Productivity
  • Generate New Creative Ideas
  • Get And Stay In The ZONE

Holistic Approach that Helps Maximize Performance

Core areas addressed

  • Mindset
  • High performance nutrition
  • Movement
  • Rest and Recovery (sleep and stress)

What is the Ascend Program®?

The Ascend Program® is a holistic, science-based solution that leverages a holistic energy management model and simple yet effective habit change process for optimal impact.

The Ascend Program® helps empower individuals to manage and expand their most critical resource for higher performance – their energy – to help meet their ever-increasing demands, and become more productive and effective under pressure without sacrificing their health and happiness.

The Ascend Program® is proven to help drive engagement and health through effective high performance health strategies– so individuals, teams and organizations can perform to their full potential consistently.

This in-depth training solution helps people transform the way they approach lifestyle management to achieve sustained high performance health.

By integrating the sciences of performance psychology, exercise physiology and nutrition, the Ascend Program® helps individuals and teams effectively maximize their energy and vitality across four interconnected dimensions of lifestyle management (mindset, movement, nutrition, recovery) to create lasting behavior change and increased performance both at work and at home.

The Ascend Program® is a series of interactive high performance health workshops that addresses the following key work related health and performance issues.

Ascend Program Addresses:

Low levels of wellbeing
Work/life balance
Performance & productivity
Stress awareness, management and mastery

The Ascend Program® Training Helps Individuals:

Learn how to increase performance and productivity in business and personal life. Explore how to effectively expand energy capacity to improve productivity while enhance personal engagement and life fulfillment.

The Ascend Program® training is offered onsite at your organization’s location and can be customized to your company’s most pressing goals, needs and preferences.

The Ascend Program® is an immersive, scalable experience for individuals at all levels within an organization.

During the training, attendees will immerse in facilitated group sessions, workbook exercises, and leave with a practical personalized energy management action plan.

The workshops can be delivered over a period of 90 minutes or conducted as a ½ or full day intensives.

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