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Personalized Wellness. Accountablity Coaching. Accellerated Results.
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You’re ready to take control of your energy and health

You're done with trying to figure it out on your own

You’re ready to learn the same strategies other super achievers use to optimize their health and performance

And over the next twelve weeks, you’ll IMPLEMENT the 4 key health elements to experience how good your body and mind are designed to feel
Knowing better doesn't always translate to doing better. Get the support you need to breakthrough any mental blocks that are keeping you stuck.
You'll get your own personal movement plan designed specicially to fit into your lifestyle, based on your personal goals and perferences
Get a personalized, easy-to-follow plan with precise diet, nutrition and supplement recommendations to optimize your energy and performance

Learn how to master your stress to get better sleep, make better choices, create more harmony in your relationships and become joyfully productive.
“Devin has helped me take my business, health and personal life to the next level. He's helped me to create more focus, balance and perspective in my life to elevate my performance. "
Marc Wachter
CEO Of Live Ultimate
Ready to Unlock Your Next Level in Health & Performance?
The Ascend high performance health program is designed specially for those looking to take their performance and health to a new level to get the most out of life.

Pairing cutting edge health technology with practical lifestyle management techniques and coaching methods creates accelerated results that you’ll see and feel in as little as 12 weeks.

It's a completely online 12 week group health mastery program that will help you create structured balance in how you run your days, what you eat, how you move, relate to others, handle stress and think.

During the program you’ll receive your own personalized wellness plan then get the accountable and coaching you need to consistently make your wellness a priority to maximize your results

A 12 Week Comprehensive Health & Life Training Program Focused on Performance, Accountability, and Results.
“Devin truly takes a holistic approach to your health and life has made an amazing impact on my overall health, life and performance!"
Marc Shiller
CEO Of City Mattress
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