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11 Brain Boosting Foods

Foods that are high in good omega-3 fats, are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and are anti inflammatory not only protect us from brain disease they can help increase cognitive ability, like understanding, learning, and staying focused.

Healthy Eating in the 21st Century

We all eat every day, but somehow, no one really quite knows what to eat. Despite all the nutritional research, diet books and theories, how is it that most Americans are still baffled about what to eat to achieve a long and healthy life?

BEST Ways To Reduce Stress Fast

You can have the perfect diet and exercise program but if you’re not managing your stress well… you’re in big trouble. But by the end of this week’s episode you’re going to have some super effective and simple tools to find peace and smash your stress to pieces…

How To Stop A Bloated Stomach Fast

When it comes to improving digestion WHAT and HOW we eat is equally important. Eating food in states of stress, distraction, or when in motion negatively affect how well we digest our food. By not chewing your food and eating in a stressful state, while distracted with other tasks, or on the move may be the cause of your unwanted bloating, indigestion, or acid reflux….

5 Steps to Get Unstuck in Life (#3 is a MUST)

We all go through periods in life when we feel a bit stuck and stagnant. It’s part of the ‘not so fun’ ebb and flow of the human experience. That being said, feeling this way for more than a few days can lead to a downward spiral of feeling even worse and eventually even lead to a depression.

Are You Taking A Toxic Shower? This is Shocking…

Most standard shower heads don’t come with filters, which means the average home isn’t equipped with a shower filter. As many of you know city water is treated with harsh chemicals to treat impurities and reduce bacteria, however this has an adverse effect on the water.  City water is highly chlorinated, treated with fluoride, and arsenic.   These are are…