1:1 Executive Sleep, Health & Life Coaching

The #1 investment you could make to accelerate your health and life is hiring the RIGHT coach.


Because knowing isn’t enough. You need to know how and to take action and not just any action, the right action.

Having a coach is all about motivation, accountability, support to discover what isn’t in your awareness (in coaching we call these blind spots.) Blinds spot are what stands in our way of taking our health and life to that next level. I like to say, you can’t always see the picture when you’re in the frame.

A great coach helps you see the whole picture and develop a clear action plan to achieve and discover what you really want and how to get it. 

Are you ready to maximize your energy to experience more peace, power and presence in your everyday life? Are you willing to discover and use the tools available to transform your level of physical and mental health so you can make a bigger impact, more profits and live with more power, peace and presence?

You can’t experience an extraordinary quality of life without the vessel that’s going to help you create it. When you look and feel energized you’ll begin to optimize the other important areas of your life… relationships, finances, business and just gets better.

Making the changes necessary to support your health and life can be challenging – making them last can be even more challenging. Many people know what they “should” be doing to experience amazing health but don’t do what they know.

I’ll help you close the gap between knowing and doing so you can finally move forward on your journey to feeling and looking your best. My support and guidance empowers lasting change, health and increased levels of mental wellbeing.

“Working with Devin has been a such a complete experience. Devin is not only extremely knowledgeable at a world class level, he has a way of connecting with you at a deep and compassionate level that results in a true understanding of what is needed to take your health both physical and mental to the next level of performance. Working with Devin is essential for anybody that desires more joy and success in their personal life and business.”

James Williams – CoFounder of I Heart My life

My approach…

I practice a holistic approach to life and wellness, which means that I look at how all areas of your life are connected. Does stress at your job or in your relationship cause you to use food to manage your emotional state? Does lack of sleep or low energy prevent you from staying consistent with your exercise routine?

As we work together, we will look at how all parts of your life affect your health as a whole and develop a deeper understanding of the lifestyle choices that will help you optimize your energy, health and performance.

“Devin truly takes a holistic approach to your health and life has been an amazing influence on my overall health, life and performance. Devin is someone who genuinely cares about helping his clients experience a better mind, body, and spirit. If you’re looking to take your health and life to that next level Devin is your guy”

Marc Schiller- CEO of City Mattress

What is a session like?

Initially, it’s about finding out where you really are… and where you really want to be regarding your health and life. There is a short questionnaire you’ll fill out that would give me an accurate assessment of where you are in your journey.  This personal inventory alone can be very eye-opening for you.

On every coaching call, we get specific as to the actions you must take to move your life forward.

Your sessions are broken down into 3 main areas:

1. AccountabilityAre you doing the things you know you need to be doing to move toward the health and life you desire.  If not, Why?  What’s really going on?  Are you conflicted, unsure, uncertain, stuck in your head?  I find half my clients know what to do..they just don’t do what they know… I believe all the answers are inside of you… you may just need someone to help you pull them out and to kick your butt if you’re not doing it.

2. PerformanceWhether it’s your sleep, fitness level, nutrition, relationship, stress level, job or career any other area of your life that you want to improve… together we’ll take an in-depth look at it. Together we’ll create a clear compelling vision for that goal, and then model the best of the best to create the action steps that will move this area of your life forward and thus improve your health and performance.

3. Emotion, Meaning, and Purpose–  I’ve coached people with all the money, admiration, fitness, family, love, freedom… and all the abundance you could possibly imagine… and I’ve heard them say, “Devin, I’ve gotten to this place…and I’m just not happy.  Can you help???” Yes. I can.

Emotion, meaning and purpose may be the most important part of all of this.  Here we want to check in and make sure you are happy, and actually enjoying your life.  We want to make sure you are fulfilled.  I cannot promise you every day of your life will be one of abundant joy and vibrant health… life is a struggle at times… but learning the tools to be resilient and find perspective especially in times of struggle is what’s key.

We’ll make the joy more sustainable..and the inevitable struggles and challenges less pervasive… we’ll develop empowering meanings for you, your life, and your life situation…no matter how dark or hopeless you may think it is.

I’ve been blessed to be able to help people transform their health for over a decade.

I’m an expert at helping CEOs, entrepreneurs, business leaders and high achievers experience how good their bodies are designed to feel to get the most out of their business and life.

Want to become even more successful without going bankrupt in your health or relationships?


  • 45 minute sessions every week
  • 1.5 hour sessions every other week
  • The leader who wants to kickstart their pursuit of wholeness


  • 45 minute sessions every week
  • 1.5 hour sessions every other week
  • The leader who wants wholeness to become lifestyle.


  • 45 minute session as needed
  • The leader who’s been through option 1 or 2 and desires ongoing support on their path to wholeness