The Benefits of CBD Oil | Mastering Sleep & Stress | Podcast

Here are the podcast show notes:
Devin Burke is a sleep optimization researcher and has an extensive and intense interest and experience in sleep optimization. He is a Certified Sleep Science Coach, holds multiple health certifications and is the founder of Sleep Science Academy which helps people improve their sleep and performance.
Information on Devin’s sleep case study program:
07:16 Growing up in a family who followed the standard American diet. Grew up as a sick kid with chronic ear infections, and other problems. When Devin’s grandfather passed away, Devin’s mom started to focus on health and feed the family differently.
Devin saw his mom’s health change for the better, and this inspired Devin to become involved in the health space.
10:31 Devin made the difficult decision to not go to PT school, and instead, he became a health coach.
11:15 The Costa Rica trip which changed the course of Devin’s life.
15:50 “When you are healthy, its easier to choose happiness. You can choose happiness at any point even when you’re not happy. But when you’re happy, its easier to choose happiness.”
16:45 Awareness is key. When you are conscious about what you are feeding your mind and body, you become more sensitive to how things effect you. When you have this awareness, you can make a decision which serves your future.
18:23 How Devin become involved with sleep, and why he chose to master the subject of sleep instead of other fields in health.
20:45 The stigma in the U.S. on sleep being for the weak, and why  in the U.S. sleep is linked with laziness.
22:10 How chronic sleep ages you faster. We have telomeres which are the tiny caps at the end of our DNA. When they shorten, we are aging. Lack of sleep shortens telomeres faster than anything else!
24:20 The number 1 reason why people have sleep issues. STRESS. Its a vicious cycle.
25:25 How to master your stress.
27:00 A simple technique for mastering stress, breathing. Devin shows how to properly breathe to activate the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest).
29:45 The importance of finding a bed time ritual for better sleep. Devin shares several ideas here. Devin is a believer in using all 5 senses during your bed time routine.
31:57 How food effects the quality of sleep, and why its not a good idea to eat before bed.
33:00 Acute insomnia vs chronic insomnia. How to beat insomnia for good.
38:38 to learn more about Devin’s program to fix insomnia for food.
39:20 How the brain flushes out toxins during deep delta sleep (glymphatic system)
41:00 REM sleep, and why this is important for processing memories and mastering emotional stress.
42:30 The amazing benefits of CBD oil, and how it can help you with your sleep.
46:29 “A good night sleep happens the morning of.” – Devin Burke. Tips on having a powerful morning routine which can help you with your sleep.
48:00 Limit your caffeine, and have a curfew. Caffeine blocks the receptors in your brain and it can negatively effect your sleep. Devin recommends you have all of your caffeine before 1 pm.
51:27 Devin’s New Book coming out later this year: Human Energy Dynamics – The 5 Keys to Unlocking Energy & Performance.

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